Squad Leading

Being a Squad leader is a vastly different experience. As a squad leader you are in charge of a squad that will typically consist of 2 fireteams and maybe a medic. It is the first leadership position where you have pro-active leaders under you. Ideally you should have a fair bit of experience in fireteam leading before taking a squad leader position.

Required prior reading:

  • Fire team leading - Particularly the part on leadership 101. All these points are extremely valuable as a squad leader.
  • Radio Communications - You will be spending a fair amount of time communicating with both command and your fireteams. You should be familiar with this entire article.
  • Firefight tactics - This provides a solid tactical playbook and an understanding of how to successfully win an engagement.

Responsibility of the Squad Leader

As a Squad leader you are ultimately responsible for anything your squad does or does not do. You should aim to appease both the platoon commander and your fireteams. The platoon commander will typically give you quite general orders with positions and ideally intent. The commander then expects you to apply good judgement throughout their execution. You should always inform them once tasks are completed and when you have spotted enemies. Your job will primarily be communicating with command and the other squads, while also communicating information with your fireteams.

You will primarily handle the placement and tasking of your two fireteams. You should always have them in positions to mutually support each other. Your fireteams should always have instructions and you should keep them informed on the wider plan such that they can make better decisions.

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