Common OPFOR Vehicles


This four wheeled scout car is about as strong as a BTR, but faster. Tankers, watch out for the ATGM version!


The oldest BTR in RHS, the BTR-60 sports a 14.5mm KPVT and a 7.62 PKT. The 60 is short and stocky, and can be penetrated 12.7mm and can be disabled by destroying the wheels.


The longer and uglier version of the BTR-60, the 70 has the same armament and weaknesses as the former.


The difference between the 80 and 70 is negligible. The 80 has smoke canisters mounted on the back of the turret for self defense.


The 80's younger brother, the 80A has an auto cannon, as well as a coaxial PKT. If you come up against this guy, find hard cover and engage when it is distracted. The auto cannon is deadly.


The newest edition to the BTR family, the 90 is a lethal weapons platform. Sitting on top of a modernized BTR chassis rests 2 ATGM launchers and a 30MM 2A42 auto cannon. Odds are that the crew of this vehicle will see you before you see them, so stay alert.


All BMDs follow the same progression as the BMPs: cannon, auto cannon, auto cannon and cannon. Where the BMDs and BMPs vary is the BMD is smaller, quicker, and designed to be para-dropped in alongside the VDV. RATs can kill them no problem. Note the anti tank rocket on the cannon.


The BMD-2 is statistically similar to the 1, however it has a murderous autocannon. While this autocannon is devastating against infantry, it is weak against heavily armored vehicles. To make up for this, there is a METIS wire-guided AT missile launcher mounted on the top of the turret.


The most modern BMD, the 4 (and the 4M) demand respect. It is the VDV's version of the BMP-3, and is pretty much a smaller and quicker twin. It has a cannon that can damage tanks, and an autocannon that will destroy whole squads.


A vehicle commonly used by the Takistanis, the BMP-1 has a stubby cannon, coaxial PKT, and a wire-guided anti tank rocket. The BMP-1, like the BMP-2 and 3, is amphibious. Most RATs can knock this old boy out.


The BMP-2 has the same chassis as the 1, however the turret is repositioned to fit it's devastating auto cannon. It also has a METIS wire guided AT missile launcher on the top. MAT/HAT recommend, but can be knocked out with RAT.


As the Russians are want to do, they mixed the 1 and 2 to make the 3. Armed with a cannon capable of firing ATGMs, and an auto cannon, this bad boy knows how to mess BLUFOR up. MAT/HAT recommended, but can be knocked out with RAT in the rear/sides.


A favorite of extremist groups and the Soviet reserve armies, the T-55 is a clunky piece of hardware. It's cannon is outdated and it can easily be knocked out by a LAT. RATs be warned, this dinosaur still has a coaxial PKT machinegun.


Don't let age deceive you, this old man packs a punch. Armed with a cannon capable of firing AP, HE-FRAG, and APFDS, the T-72 is a classic force to be reckoned with. The 72 has a loud growling diesel engine. Recommend you get MAT/HAT, but it can be knocked out by an AT-4 to the rear.


A look back to the old days of rounded turrets, the T-80 is a common sight on our virtual battlefields. The cannon and coax are the same as the T-72. Note the flipped T-80 in the background, this tank is a speed demon! It's speed comes from it's whiny turbine engine. It sounds more like a jet than a tank. Get MAT/HAT to handle this one.


The Russians mixed the T-80 and T-72 to make this monster. Armed with a CROWS NSVT and a devastating cannon, the 90 will ruin any tankers day. It has an improved diesel engine so it has a loud, ominous growl. MAT/HAT recommended.

Mi-8/Mi-17 "Hip"

This ungainly beast is a favorite for the Russians. It has many different variants, from transport to the feared “Rocket Hip.” If you see one in the air, send it up the chain and watch out for the door gunners!

Mi-24 "Hind"

Often seen escorting Hips or running CAS, the Hind is the Russian answer to the NATO AH-64 Apache. Note that this is not an attack bird–it is an assault helicopter. The Hind has a passenger compartment that can hold up to eight soldiers. It was designed to level an area with sweeping rocket and gun runs, then deploy specialists such as a MANPAD unit or a team of sharpshooters.

Ka-52 "Alligator"

The Alligator is a younger cousin to the better known Ka-50 “Black Shark”. While most commonly used as a scout helicopter, the Ka-52 can act as an attack aircraft. It utilizes it's speed and stability to deliver crucial real-time information, as well as shocking attack runs on enemy combatants.


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