Several advanced anti-tank weapons have a lock on capability. This is extremely useful for engaging distant targets but it is not suitable for every target or at every range. This guide will show you how to lock on successfully and equally important teach you when to use you weapon to be effective.

Key's listed here are the defaults. If you've rebound your keys you'll need to take that into consideration.

Lock On Checklist

Ensure you have completed the following tasks to ensure a lock on:

  1. Switch to your weapon's optics
  2. Zoom in all the way
  3. Switch to thermal mode
  4. Centre the target in your view
  5. Press Tab (beeping will indicate success)
  6. Wait for beeping to change tone (indicates lock)
  7. Fire Weapon

Switch "Attack Profile" (Top Down Attack)

You can switch attack mode with Ctrl+Tab. This will cycle between the “Top Down” and “Direct Attack” modes.

Top down attack will make the missile travel upwards for a short time after being fired, allowing it to get over obstacles in the way as well landing a hit on the generally weaker top armour of move armoured vehicles.

Direct attack may be a better option if the vehicle has a structure that covers it from above but not the sides, like a metal shed or a tree.

When To Use Your Weapon

Consider that your weapon is one of the most powerful AT assets in your platoon short of an armoured vehicle. You have limited ordnance and resupply is not guaranteed. With this in mind, only attack targets that cannot be effectively engaged by others in your platoon. Light APCs can be taken care of by lighter AT weapons. Light vehicles as trucks and cars should certainly not be engaged unless it's an emergency (a GAZ with a automatic grenade launcher engaging friendlies, for example). You will almost never have a reason to engage infantry.

Your weapon is much more effective at long range whilst lighter AT weapons are more effective at shorter ranges. Avoid engaging targets at short distances and move away for a better shot if possible.

Ensure that you take out targets such as tanks before you engage targets such as IFVs. Don't zoom in on one target for long periods. Keep aware of new threats in the area in case they are of higher priority.

Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble establishing a lock check the following:

  • Are in optics mode
  • Are you in thermals mode
  • Have you zoomed in all the way

Instructional Video

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