The Arma 3 editor, and the sqf scripting engine that Arma 3 uses offer all sorts of possibilities. There are plenty of tools and techniques that you can learn. This guide will be aimed at helping you get started with learning the basics.

Producing your first mission

The first you thing you need to is familiarize yourself with the basic tools in the editor. ElectroCute wrote a pretty useful and accessible guide for this. I'd highly recommend working your way through it to learn the basic tools.

The mission editor page on the Arma 3 wiki, also details the basic tools:

Here at 1Tac we use our own version of the F3 framework to make things easier for mission makers. The F3 framework is a mission template with many useful features. It is designed to used as the starting point of a mission, you then delete/customize/disable stuff to fit your mission. Following this tutorial would be best.

Note: we use our own version of F3 hosted on github - You can download it by clicking download zip on the right side.

Employing effective AI is a bit more complicated. I wrote a guide that introduces how to use and compares some scripted solutions for AI in coops. … sp=sharing

This document details the 1Tac mission standards, as well as how to get your mission uploaded to our servers.


The BI wiki has a lot of detail on various scripts and tools that can be used.

Wiki: Mission Editor:

List of Arma 3 scripting commands:

We have a lot of experience mission makers, and most are willing to help you out (as long as you don't catch us a bad time). Hop on Discord there is a dedicated mission making channel that has several experts who would love to help you out. Don't feel afraid to ask us :)

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