Mission Name and Description are given

The mission name is set via Attributes → General (from the toolbar)


The mission name is what is visible to the session host when choosing the mission <type> <mission name> (By <author>)

e.g. COOP: Operation Seize Airfield


The summary is visible to all players on the slotting screen. This provide any instructions for the slotting process. e.g:

  1. MAT is required, Slot in order: CO, Alpha,Bravo,Tank,MMG,Charlie
  2. Slot bluefor 2:1 greenfor

Missions played at 1Tac are assumed to have their briefing in the map screen. If your mission is designed to have the briefing carried out in game, you should indicate it as such, In the description include: “briefing-ingame”

You should also select the correct game type and minimum and maximum players for your mission.


The briefings should be clear to anyone what the mission is. It is best practice to stay with the following guidelines:


Outline of who we are playing as, where we are and what has happened thus far in the area of operations and relevant background information. Particular attention should be drawn to friendly and enemy forces in the area. It is also advisable to give information on the present conditions, players will tend to assume that it is daylight with sunny weather. Note the friendly forces section should be used to detail friendlies in the area that are not part of the player’s group. The administration section that comes later is designed to detail the resources of the players’ (e.g. vehicles/equipment). E.g.

  1. It is the late evening, with heavy fog and rain. We are a USMC platoon tasked with counter-insurgency operations, that setup a base for the evening. Several ISAF nations operating in the area have reported insurgents attacking them. This is a heavily populated civilian district.

Friendly forces: One platoon of USMC to the North of the AO are holding FOB Zulu.

Enemy forces Unknown exact composition, foot mobiles and possibly lightly equipped technicals.”


Describe the overall task and any objectives that the team is expected to complete, This should be short list of objectives, that are simple and clear to prevent confusion. e.g.

  1. Search all the buildings in Rasman for weapon caches. Weapon caches should be disposed of


Discuss the how and perhaps provide an abstract of an overall plan e.g.

  1. Enter Rasman with the provided vehicles, suggested to dismount and proceed on foot. Engineers should be protected and used to destroy the caches


Outline of available resources (equipment/vehicles) and their capabilities. If your feeling nice you will include the seating capacities of each vehicle e.g.

  1. Each Engineer has 3 satchel charges
  2. At our spawn location there are 5x humvees, 2 with 50 cals, 2 with mk 19s and one transport one. The armed humvees each fit 5 passengers including the gunners, The transport humvee carries a total of 6.


This page is automatically generated based on the acre settings you specify. Double check that you have setup the acre2 mission settings properly.


Don’t forget to credit yourself!

Testing checklist

  • Script Errors - Turn on the “-showScriptErrors” parameter and ensure there are no script errors. Snippers, Nick and others can help fix them. When in doubt the mission making channel on Discord is a good bet.
  • Mission standards - Ensure the mission makers standards are in place.
  • Fireteam colour team assignments - Ensure both fireteams in a squad are divvied up into 4 unique colour teams, two for each fireteam.
  • Gear assignment - Test the assign gear scripts:
    • Binoculars or Rangefinders? Rangefinders are given to most element leads but rangefinders have night vision built into them which is not ideal if you dont want the team to be able to see in the dark.
    • Enough free space for radios?
    • Ideally test as many positions as possible (in single player editor whilst previewing the U key can be used to switch between playableUnits).
  • Vehicle gear assignment: Check the gear inside of vehicles/that vehicles in the area of play are locked if they shouldn’t be accessed by players.
  • AI - Are the AI there and shooting back? A simple play test is enough to check that there are actually AI at the objectives and that nothing has gone wrong.
  • Briefing - Check the briefing for missing information/miscommunications
  • Greenfor alignment - Double check who greenfor are friendly to, as this could be problematic.
  • Triggers/Objectives - Check all the triggers and objectives to make sure they are properly triggered.
  • End conditions - End conditions are nice to have working properly, but optional as a session host can easily end the mission, but if you do not have your own end conditions setup. Ensure that you notify the session host on what conditions the mission should end (perhaps include in briefing if appropriate).
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